Welcome to TarotGems

Welcome to TarotGems

Welcome to TarotGemsWelcome to TarotGemsWelcome to TarotGems

About Us

About TarotGems

About me

Practical, down to earth Tarot Readings.

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We will soon be offering Tarot Reading.  Book mark this page and come back soon.

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About Us


About TarotGems

Hi, my name is Pumpkin. Have you ever had a Tarot reading before? Tarot readers can be different in their approaches. I am not psychic or a fortune-teller. I use my intuition and look for messages in the cards that provide guidance. My aim is to provide a practical down to earth reading that is useful in your modern life.  There is no mumbo jumbo here.



I intend to shed light on things that you can't see from your current position, this allows you to get a clear look at where you are and where you are going

I'm not here to judge you, I just read the cards.

So…tell me... What is on your mind?

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Coming Soon

New products and information

Coming soon, please call back..

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